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About the Funds

C-Star successfully closed and fully deployed Fund I in June 2019 and aggregated a $5.6 million portfolio. It contains 36 assets located in 9 counties of Atlanta MSA with the first year Cash-On Cash of 8.0% and projected 3-year IRR of 24.2%.

In July 2019, C-Star launched Fund II and targets to raise $20 million USD of equity for investment in Atlanta and Triangle Charlotte MSA. Fund II has made meaningful progress on fund raising, acquisition, financing and asset management ever since inception in October 2019. By the end of March, SFR Fund II has raised $7.12 million on equity and has closed 11 acquisitions of single-family homes in Atlanta mero area.




Est. Price Annual Growth


Portfolio Cash Yield

Management Competence


Market Selection

Develop proprietary criteria to target the markets with strong growth potential and favorable risk return profiles.


Target Tenant

Thorough tenant screening by background check, credit check, previous landlord reference, payment history and etc. to upkeep rent collection rate and retention ratio.

Bargain Power

Strong bargain power in getting discounted price as a professional cash buyer with higher certainty and shorter closing period.

High Efficiency

Institutional level investment, e.g. 3 day of due diligence and 10 day of closing period; Strong local networks of repairman, handyman and etc. Minimize maintenance cost.

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